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Changes Coming to EPCOT

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

This past weekend at Destination D23 Disney made some exciting parks announcements. Some are still in the idea stage so we may not see them for some time, but they made two announcements which take place very soon!

Let's run down what's to come and thanks to our local Coasters & Castles Travel advisor Chrissie Lograno-Weinstein, we can get a first hand review on these newest updates.


Journey of Water

The newest attraction at EPCOT is located in World Nature. It's a self guided walk thru

attraction inspired by the film Moana. Thru this experience you will learn how water is our friend, just like Moana did, how water connects us all and that it needs protecting.

There are two paths you can take. Choose between the wet or dry path. The attraction is currently going thru cast member and passholder previews, but it will open to the public on October 16th. Also arriving on this date, the wayfinder from Motunui Moana herself will begin to make appearances in her own space near the entrance to the attraction.

Thanks to my favorite cast member (yes, she’s also my daughter… lol) I was able to enjoy a preview of Moana: The Journey of Water on Thursday, September 7!

Journey of Water is a walkthrough attraction at Epcot that certainly brings back the feeling of the ‘old Epcot’ where education and learning were mixed with Disney and fun!

The interactive water elements, beautiful landscaping and Moana theming definitely make this a can’t miss attraction in Epcot! - Chrissie

Test Track

Still in the idea stages are updates to Test Track. Chevrolet and Disney Imagineers are looking to the past for inspiration, The EPCOT original pavilion World of Motion. World of Motion was an opening day attraction which closed in 1996 to make way for Test Track. The attraction took you thru the history of transportation in an Omnimover. It was very similar to Spaceship Earth as it slowly moved you thru history via animatronic figures. No dates were announced so we'll have to keep a lookout for more information in the future.

Photo from Disney Parks Blog

A New Nighttime Spectacular

We learned a little bit more about the new nighttime spectacular that will take the place of EPCOT Forever. Harmonious had it's last show back in April and we haven't really learned much about what is to replace it. I grew up going to EPCOT and worked there a lot during my college program, so Illuminations holds a special place in my heart.

Photo from Disney Parks Blog

The new show will be called Luminous The Symphony of Us and debut on December 5th. The show will feature fireworks, lasers, fountains, lighting effects and of course music. We're sure to learn more as that date gets closer.

World Celebration

The last new neighborhood in EPCOT will open this December. World Celebration will connect the other two new neighborhoods, World Discovery and World Nature to the rest of the park. This is the final stage of the multi-year expansion that's included Cosmic Rewind and the expansion of the France Pavilion including Remy's Ratatouille Adventure.

Photo from Disney Park Blog

World Celebration will be at the center and include Spaceship Earth, a statue of Walt Disney in an area called Dreamers Point and a new exhibition space called CommuniCore Hall.

Meet Figment!

But the biggest surprise was that the Figment meet and greet which was announced for this fall would be opening the next day, Sunday September 10th! Figment is now meeting guests in the Imagination Pavilion where you exit the attraction, Journey into Imagination with Figment.

After Figment’s meet and greet starting date was revealed at D23 this weekend, my daughter and I knew we needed to pop over and meet her favorite Spark of Imagination!! We got up bright and early on Sunday and were grateful we made it to the Imagination Pavilion early enough to wait inside. Figment walked through the Dreamport portal to fans chanting his name and we were so happy to be able to be among the first to welcome him back home to Epcot!! - Chrissie


Chrissie Lograno-Weinstein is a Senior Vacation Specialist with Coasters & Castles Travel.

Reach out to Chrissie to plan your next vacation at travelbychrissie@gmail.com and be sure to follow her on social media!

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