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Five Exotic Black Sand Beaches in the Caribbean

While powdery white sand beaches might be what you look forward to during your Caribbean vacation, you can also see gorgeous black sand beaches in certain areas including Dominica and St Lucia.

Here are five gorgeous black sand beaches to check out, especially if you've never seen this natural wonder.

To get to Black Bay in Grenada, you need to have your walking shoes on, but we promise it is worth the effort once you get there. You will be greeted with a tropical sight that is pretty and private. Explore the cave with old Amerindian markings, take a dip in the ocean and enjoy your quiet slice of paradise.

Purple Turtle Beach in Dominica on the bay of Portsmouth is a gorgeous spot to spend an afternoon soaking up the sand. The sand isn't as dark as other beaches, with flecks of black sand mixed in with the brown sand. Popular with locals and tourists, this beach is worth a visit. You can try out water sports activities, including jet skiing and kayaking.

Woodlands Beach in Montserrat is another place tragically hit by a volcanic eruption. In 1995 the Soufriere Hills volcano destroyed most of the island, so it is quiet and unpopulated today. If you are up for finding this off-the-beaten-track destination, the black sand beaches are gorgeous and the sunsets are epic.

Pump Bay in St Kitts is popular for its scenic black sand and amazing snorkeling. Check out the Brimstone Hill historic park on your way home.

Rosalie Bay Beach is a favorite black sand beach for many and one of the longest beaches in Dominica. With pretty palm trees and awesome views of the Atlantic coast. Sea turtles can be seen nesting at certain times of the year, which is always a thrill to witness.

Is the beach calling you? You could be lying on an exotic ebony sand beach before you know it. Email us to start planning your Caribbean getaway today!

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