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Happily Ever After and Fantasmic!

In May of 2017 a new firework show opened up. This was called Happily Ever After. This is a fireworks and projection mapping show. This firework show captured the hearts of thousands, with the catchy music and projections. However, in 2021 Walt Disney World replaced this show with a new show called Disney Enchantment which is takes you on a journey to the land of magic- This show in my personal opinion, and thousands of others did not capture that same magic as the previous two shows, Wishes, and Happily Ever After. At D23 the incredibly popular "Happily Ever After" show was announced that it will return to Disney World in 2023. I am so excited for this, and plan to travel to Walt Disney World for opening night!

The next nighttime show I am going to talk about is Fantasmic! This show takes place in Hollywood Studios! This is a massive set, that has more then 50 performers. This is a large then life show! Dancing water, light spectacular! This show features Mickey Mouse as he has the power to control water, color and magic! Disney Villian's try to stop it, but the ultimate power of Magic wins!

This show closed in Feb. of 2020 for a huge refurbishment, however, a announcement has been made and this show is returning on September 18th, 2022.

I can't wait for both of these shows to return! They are two of my favorite things!! What one sounds like something you're interested in? Exciting things are happening over at Disney World in the fall of 2022!

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