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Memory Maker Is So Worth It!!!

Updated: May 27, 2022

One of Coasters & Castles Travel great travel advisors, Kelly Guillory, has added an interesting blog this week. She is a great contributor to MSTTW.

If you are a frequent visitor to Walt Disney World and you love pictures, then you probably already know about Memory Maker. If not, then here is the scoop!

Memory Maker allows you to capture all of those precious moments and relive them over and over again. Memory Maker allows you to digitally download ALL of the photos taken in the Disney parks. The cost is $169 if you purchase in advance. If you wait until you are there, then the cost is $199, so be sure to purchase in advance if this is something you want. If you want to purchase just one or two photos, you can, but then you have to decide which ones you want before you leave the parks by your last day there. And if there are several that you like, you may end up paying more for a few printed photos, than you would for unlimited digital photos. When you purchase Memory Maker, you will have 30 days to download all of your photos, this includes photos taken by the PhotoPass Photographers and photos taken on rides. You may also get a video or two of you and your family on a ride!

These photos can then be printed somewhere like Walgreens or Snapfish.com and you can use them on social media. You know you will want to post photos of your trip. Photos can be viewed almost immediately on your My Disney Experience app.

Photos are so important and priceless. When you see a PhotoPass photographer, be sure to get a photo with all members of the family. No more being the photographer and not being in any of the photos. And since it is an unlimited number of photos, you will want to grab a photographer whenever you see one and take a bunch of photos. Take one with just the kids, then one of the whole family and just Mom and Dad, however many you want. These will be professional photos, so they will all come out great!

Another fun thing is that you can get "Magic Shots"! This is where a character or something extra is added to your photo. If you know about it, then you can ask for it. Or it may be a surprise! The photographer may ask you to point to the sky or hold your hands out. We have photos of our daughter holding Tinkerbell, Simba and Sebastian!

Remember these photos are yours! You can display them in a frame, album or scrapbook. You can post them on social media. Or you can just look at them from time to time and bring back precious memories for years to come.

As you can see by Kelly’s article she knows what she is talking about and can plan a great trip for you. Kelly specializes in Disney destinations, and you can email her at kguillory@travelcnc.com.

Check out Coasters & Castles Travel website at http://www.travelcnc.com and click the button below to make your vacation dreams into reality.

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