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River cruising right in our own backyard.

When I hear about river cruises, I automatically think about the river cruises in Europe and other parts of the world, but there is a gold mine of river cruises right here in the good ole USA.

There are several cruise lines that sail up and down the Mississippi River. Three of them are:

American Queen Steamboat Company

American Cruise Lines

Viking Cruises

Today we will chat about American Queen Steamboat Company. American Queen Steamboat has traditional paddle wheelers. Their American Queen is a true steam powered paddle wheeler. Their ships are American flagged, which means that all of the crew are American from the ship to the excursions.

They have great city tours where you can use their Hop on Hop off services. There are wonderful excursions.

Did you know that you can even have lobster tail every night if you like and it is included?

Another great feature is their themed cruises. One of the themed cruises on the Mississippi is the Mark Twain Cruise. These cruises are great for history buffs.

In the next couple of weeks, we will chat about the other two cruise lines: American Cruise Line and Viking Cruises.

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