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Sail away on the brand new Disney Wish! - Part 1

The owners of Coasters and Castles Travel Lynne Macolini and April Botta were able to be on board for one of the first sailings of the brand new Disney Cruise ship the Disney Wish! Read part one of their two part series on their experience on this beautiful new ship!


We sailed on an Inaugural Sailing of the Disney Wish 7/10/22.

April and I were fortunate to be offered a complimentary sailing aboard an inaugural sailing of the Disney Wish on 7/10/22. Suppliers will often welcome travel advisors on board to give us the opportunity to experience a new ship either at a discount or on a complimentary basis.

Because we drove to the port, we were able to get an early boarding time. We always like to get onboard ASAP so that we can take pictures and get lunch on board. Our staterooms were ready shortly after boarding but they normally are not ready until approximately 2:00 PM.

As we boarded the ship, our “Family” was announced. We chose to use a portion of our agency name and were announced as the C & C Family. It always gives me chills to hear that. We walked into the Atrium and were just in time to see our first wish ceremony. I am not going to give all the details here as I do not want to spoil the surprise. They happen frequently in the atrium so be sure to take time to watch one.

There was a little stage in the atrium opposite the grand staircase and a couple of floors

above was a little balcony. Characters would frequently be seen in these destination as well as at the top of the stairs on the next floor up.

Captain Minnie, Captain Mickey, Pluto, Donald Duck, Daisy, Cinderella, Prince Charming were amongst the characters we saw in that area.

We headed to Marceline Market (buffet) for lunch. One interesting thing we experienced there was that the crew members would give you your plate. Do not grab one for yourself. They are also there to help you get drinks and even help you carry your plates to the table. You are asked to wash your hands at the sinks as you enter the buffet dining room.

The crew will dish up what you want onto your plate and all of the food was behind glass. There were a few items that you could help yourself to. One important note, the food on each side is the same as the other side. This should make it easier when making your selections.

Check in for another article on our stateroom, entertainment, kids clubs, rotational dining and more.


Thanks Lynne and April for sharing your experiences with us! I can't wait to hear more!

If you'd love to sail away on this stunning new ship contact one of the wonderful travel advisors at Coaster and Castles Travel!


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